Tuesday, February 02, 2016

The Free-Market Position Is to Support Open Immigration Even If There's a Welfare State

Stuart K. Hayashi

It's February 2, 2016 -- the 111-year anniversary of the birth of Ayn Rand.

And remember that we have a tradition in the United States.  Today, if a politician crawls out of his hole and sees his shadow, we will have 60 more years of federal farm subsidies.

Anyhow, I defend open immigration.

Many people who claim to support the free market proclaim the following, "If there were no welfare state, I would be on board with open immigration. But the fact is, we do have a welfare state, and therefore there must be immigration controls. If not for those controls, immigrants will come to our country and drain government coffers."

In the videos below, I explain why a principled adherence to free enterprise leads to supporting a policy of open immigration even when the welfare state remains in place.

The first video is only 2 hours and 22 minutes long.

I forgot to include an important point in the first video, and therefore I did this 7-minute follow-up: