Saturday, December 31, 2022

Hoping, Finally, That 2023 Will Be a Happy Stu Year

Stuart K. Hayashi

Since the start of 2020, I have a made a New Year’s tradition of putting up this image on social media. Yet in every case that I have done this, the year ended up being one of devastating loss for me.

Mere months after I first posted the image, COVID happened. I therefore I thought the image deserved another shot for 2021. Then on January 12, my mother died. Twelve days into 2021, and it was already the worst year of my life.

I then decided to re-post the image for New Year’s 2022. This year, my father died.

If I were more superstitious, I would tell you that this image is cursed. But because I’m crazy this way, I’m going to put up the image yet again.

It is as though, every time the pictured fish makes a go of crawling out of the water, some storm sweeps it back in. But Tiktaalik must try again, and so shall I. Curses are not enough to stop me from going through with my plans.

After the past three, here is hoping that finally with 2023 there will be a Happy Stu Year.