Sunday, June 13, 2021

Mom’s Christmas Card Thanking Me for Informing Her of What Was ‘Interesting’

Stuart K. Hayashi

As I have written before, my mother, who died on January 12 of this year, valued holiday greeting cards much more than I did. I have also written of my regret in not appreciating enough how, over the past decade, she increasingly wrote personalized notes inside the cards she gave me.

I have been reflecting on my life and have worried my major choices may have been a disappointment to my mother and, maybe worse, to myself. Since I last blogged about this, I found yet another Christmas card she wrote me that has helped partially restore my confidence that my mother believed in me. I started thinking about this one a lot on June 12 of this year. Dec. 2016.

This is the envelope.

This is the front of the card.

It says,

Dec. 2016

Dear Stuart –

Thank you for being such a great son and person! Thank you for doing the dishes, “DVRing” shows for us, keeping us company so we don’t get lonely, informing us of a lot of interesting things, and just being here with us. We are very lucky to have you.

Please go ahead and order the books you wanted and enjoy them.

Hope you have a great Christmas and the kind of new year you want. Wishing you good health, prosperity, success and happiness in the new year and always!

Merry Christmas with love,
Mom + Dad


The consequences of my mother’s love are all around me. I must never forget that.